Seuss’s story time


Alexandra Menendez

During the city library’s story time, on February 27, library employee, Angie Macias, read Dr. Seuss books to the children, in honor of his literary contributions. The library hosted two days, one in Spanish and the other in English, available for children to listen to the stories.

Joey Flores, News Editor

Rhymes and giggles were underway as the Dr. Seuss Celebration started at the Downey City Library on February 27. The celebration is an annual event that is meant to pay tribute to the author for his birthday.


Library assistant Angie Macias-Mendez was the storyteller for the event, and she’s enjoyed hosting it for the past seven years.


“We do different themes throughout the month. Every week is something different,” Macia-Mendez said. “This month is Dr. Seuss because of his birthday and because of Read Across America, which we do because we just really want to celebrate reading.”


March 2 marks Dr. Seuss Day, which is also called National Read Across America Day, is on the author’s birthday because of the impact he had on literature. Dr. Seuss’ real name is Theo Geisel. He published forty- six children’s books during his lifetime. The library hosts this event by welcoming parents and students of all ages. After the reading finished, free snacks were available to the audience.  This story time has proved to be fun enough to have people return.


“He [her grandson] just loves it. And I think it’s great for him to have the interaction with other kids, especially when it’s something fun like this,” grandmother Norma Romero said.


Romero has been coming to story time at the library for a little over a year and keeps coming back because of the interactive involvement it brings to her grandson. During the read along, the children are encouraged to keep quiet, but to also chime in on certain parts. Near the end of Oh, the Places You’ll Go!, one girl voiced her opinion on the rhyme by saying that it sounded funny. This brought up a simultaneous giggle from the audience of toddlers. The audience had approximately thirty kids, which is preferred by the audience because of the upbeat environment they create.


“The last time I came to a story time, she [her daughter] made a couple of new friends,” mom Cindy Duarte said. “This is my fourth time coming because of how much she has. As soon as she gets here, she forgets about me to listen to the story. It’s great.”


Seuss’ children’s books still grab the attention of their readers, whether it be a grown adult or a child. Duarte’s daughter is one of many who sat with wide eyes as the storyteller read the books. Duarte then went on to say that it’s refreshing to hear the story rather than watch it on television, which captivates children more nowadays. This is one of Read Across America’s goals- to get kids more interested in literature.


The Dr. Seuss Celebration proved to be appealing to the children after the books bring smiles to their kids’ faces and also because of the creative setting the library encompasses.