From Graduate to Back in the Classroom

Cesar Lopez, Writer

While some can’t wait to graduate so they never have to step foot in a classroom again, others can’t wait to go back into a classroom after graduation. Teachers, the people who mold the next generation of leaders, doctors, lawyers, etc, take on a challenging position. Downey High School teachers enlighten us as to why they chose this career path.

APLAC, English 9, and Public Speaking teacher, Ms. Kasner tells us why she became a teacher and some changes she wants to see in this field. 

I became a teacher because I am a life-long learner and wanted to share my joy of learning with others.” Kasner stated, “I would like to see smaller class sizes at the high school level—especially ninth grade.  Many students struggle academically and socially/emotionally, and smaller class sizes would allow teachers to give more individual support to students.” 

APUSH and U.S. Modern History teacher, Mrs. Lejano shares what she loves most about her job and if she ever plans to leave the high school level of teaching. 

Honestly, I love so much about this job. I love getting to know my students and watching them learn as they interact with each other.  I also love working with my team on curriculum, supporting new teachers, and the way our staff supports each other in our own personal lives.” Lejano stated, “I thought about moving to the University level for a while, and I also considered another Master’s degree in social work for a bit, but I love the high school classroom. When I first got in I thought I would be a lifer for sure, and at this point, I have no plans to change.”

Downey High School alumni, Economics and Public Health student teacher Ms. Lopez talks about why she chose to teach history.

“I was always fascinated with history. Learning about the past and seeing how far we have progressed as a society is something I find interesting.” Lopez stated, “‘As a famous philosopher once said, those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it. I find that quote to be accurate, especially in today’s world. Which is another reason I decided to become a history teacher.”’

And there we have it, these were the rationales of the people who fill our brains with knowledge and wisdom.