Celebrating the teacher of the year


Cindy Macias

On March 4, English teacher, Ms. Kasner, is announced Teacher of the Year for Downey High School. “I feel very proud and honored to represent DHS,”Kasner said.

Joey Flores, News Editor

To reward her for her teaching skills and willingness to educate to the best of her ability, English 9 and Honors English 10 teacher Debra Kasner was announced Teacher of the Year on February 28.


Several of her students met the news with the utmost excitement because they had the chance to be educated by a teacher deserving of such a great honor. One of those students was sophomore Vanessa Garcia, who has Kasner for Honors English 10.


“I’m really not surprised,” Garcia said. “She really is interesting as a teacher, and her class never really goes dull. It’s nice to have a teacher who keeps it fresh when it comes to teaching.”


Garcia is amongst those honors students who commend their teacher because they find her a strong “people person.”  Garcia then went on to say that being taught by Kasner feels like she’s with a celebrity. The news spread fast that Monday morning- so fast that first period was keen on congratulating her. They clapped for her and gave their congratulations as soon as she walked in the door.


English department Co-Chair Christina Carlson felt proud of her colleague when she found out.


“We feel no one is more deserving on this campus,” Carlson said. “Ms. Kasner is brilliant, works hard, and is an inspiring leader,” Carlson said. “[She] is infinitely patient, has a great sense of humor, and she will spend as many hours before and after school as it takes to help a student.”


Carlson, along with the rest of the English department, was happy for the English teacher not only because of her hard work, but also because of how humble she is. In her speech, Kasner spoke about how not just her, but the entirety of the English department work hard to get their jobs done.


“Mr. Houts starting giving hints about who the selected teacher was,” Kasner said. “When he said that this teacher had a crush on Colin Firth…well, that gave it away.”


The staff meeting brightened the English teacher’s day by bestowing the honor upon her for the first time at Downey High School. Her willing trips to coffee shops to grade papers and the countless hours spent after school for student assistance paid off after the Masons of California rewarded Kasner with the recognition. This organization’s award is given to those teachers who have made themselves most recognizable to their administration. Even though she has been named Teacher of the Month a few times before, Kasner was still very humbled by the recognition.


“I feel very honored and proud to represent DHS,” Kasner said.


KIWIN’S also awarded Kasner with a $1,000 reward for her achievements. This sum was donated as a thank you from the organization for leading its members towards a beneficial education.


Ironically enough, Kasner had asked to be excused from the meeting to tutor students that were waiting for her. Commitments like these and even verbose homework direction are just a few of the reasons she was commended. The award was not given to Kasner, but earned.