The New “IT” Show

Abigail Gonzalez, Writer

The Last of Us is HBO’s latest fictional apocalyptic show that takes place 20 years after modern civilization has been destroyed. The show is based on a 2013 PlayStation3 video game, known for its very cinematic beauty and immersive story. The Last Of Us follows the characters Joel, a violet big-hearted loner, who escorts Ellie, a strong and witty 14-year-old girl, along a zombie overrun the world. The journey is filled with drama, suspense, comedy, and incredible characters. 


Many fans of The Last of Us have been waiting excitedly for this live action and have been hoping that it will meet their expectations. Now that the first episode has been released, many fans have come to love how it is going so far. According to DEADLINE, The Last of Us has broken records in becoming the second-largest debut on HBO since House of The Dragon in 2010 with 4.7 million viewers total on linear (traditional TV broadcast) and HBO.  


With these record-breaking numbers, it shows how well-received The Last Of Us was. Fans are impressed with how it’s pretty accurate to the storyline in the game. People were also in love with the casting of Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey). They are both exceptional actors who really bring out the true characteristics of the two from the original game, especially since they already have good chemistry together due to being on Game Of Thrones together. 


With the recent finale of The Walking Dead, another apocalyptic show with a big fanbase, their fans are left with no other show to watch with the same concept. The RollingStone even goes as far as saying, “A finer version of The Walking Dead.” The Last of Us and The Walking Dead similarly have rich characters and great cinematography. Many who loved The Walking Dead will most likely gravitate towards The Last of Us and creating an even bigger fanbase and causing great attraction to the show.