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Jaclyn Urzua
As an active member of Downey’s Track and Field team who competes in the triple jump, long jump, and high jump Jaclyn Urzua, 11, finds herself joining The Downey Legend as a photographer and videographer. Urzua has always had an interest in creating videos, even from a young age. She feels videography is a creative way to show what is being told and that by joining The Downey Legend, she will be able to share her work on important and interesting topics. Seemingly quiet, Urzua’s friends would describe her as energetic and talkative with her many interests and sees it as who she is as a person.  With plans to travel to foreign countries, Urzua also plans on attending medical school to pursue a career as a labor and delivery nurse. 


When asked why she wanted to assist in the process of birth-giving, Urzua answered by saying, “Nursing would be really good because I love to help out parents with their children and babies. I want to be there and care for them.” 

Jaclyn Urzua, Videographer

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Jaclyn Urzua