Nicki vs. Cardi

Sebastian Cornejo, Co-Business Manager

According to popular belief, the two most influential women in rap today are Nicki Minaj, also known as Onika Tanya Maraj, and Cardi B., also known as Belcalis Almanzar. These two women are currently clashing because of Maraj’s remarks towards Almanzar. Maraj reportedly questioned Almanzar as a mother. The tension climaxed when Almanzar verbally and physically attacked Miraj at the Plaza Hotel during New York Fashion Week, on Sept. 7.


Fans in the rap industry have expressed disapproval towards the two women and their altercation. However, Jackie Flores, 12, fan of both individuals, believes that this highlights the double standard between genders in the music industry — specifically rap.


“Female rappers inspire me because it takes over the double standard of men always being the spotlight in rap,” Flores said. “This can describe the difference of how when women brawl; they are seen as immature and unprofessional. But when men are brawling, they are more likely to be glorified for arguing with each other.”


For example, Drake and Meek Mill reportedly hugged and made amends on stage on Sept. 8 at  Drake’s concert. With this small gesture, all their “beef” ended while tension with female influencers can last years at a time with no resolution.


While pushing security, Almanzar was reportedly yelling at Nicki, “Come here b****,” and Nicki replying, “I’m staying right here” behind her security. According to TMZ, the brawl was extinguished quickly. But during the separation of the two, Almanzar, yet again, threw her shoe.


Involved music fans in the rap industry, like Lissette Garcia, 12, believe that Maraj started it.


“I think Nicki had started the altercation,” Garcia said, “because I think she has always had it out for Cardi, because she is on the rise and Nicki is becoming old news.”  


While others, like Flores, believe Almanzar started it because of her impulsive tendencies.


“I think Cardi started it because she has a big mouth and she is very impulsive,” Flores said,  “while Nicki didn’t entertain the fact that Cardi wanted to fight.”


These two women have made an impression to the rap industry with most music enthusiasts being aware of their social standing. Was it really worth it in the long run? Some fans of their music are entertained at the fact that two powerful women are feuding.


Unlike some fans who enjoy the conflict, others like Alyssa Cortez, 12, feels that these women should not clash, instead they should accept each others accomplishments and differences.


“These women have had been in songs together and they shouldn’t be arguing over petty drama,” Cortez said. “When they can embrace each others similarities and dominate the rap industry.”

How long will the feud last, who knows? The two might just make up like Drake and Meek Mill or continually disagree similarly to Mariah Carey and Eminem.