#WhatsTrending: Top Winter Fashion Trends

Melissa Estrada, Section Editor

As winter approaches, stores everywhere are releasing this season’s collections. This season’s trends consist of classical and essential pieces like knitted sweaters and boots, but have a unique touch to them. Some of these trends include:


  1. Pullover/Knitted Sweater


This essential winter favorite is back. The trending tones this season are maroon, dusty pink, olive, beige, and taupe. Although this clothing piece is loose, it can be paired with a form fitting mini skirt, to add more structure to the outfit.

  1. Knitted Sweater Dresses with Knee-High Boots

The typical knitted sweater is altered into a simple, chic dress and is usually paired with knee high boots. These boots have also become one of the biggest fall trend, and is sure to to follow into winter. They are mostly seen in black, gray, and taupe colors.

  1. Chelsea Boots

Change up your boots by trading your knee high boots for these little booties. They can be paired with something casual like jeans and a t-shirt or can be turned into a formal outfit by pairing them with a coat and dress. The most popular colors for chelsea boots are black and tan.

  1. Turtlenecks

These shirts are great for the cold weather and can worn with leather jackets, jean jackets, or bomber jackets. From simple colors to stripes, these shirts have made a return. The concept of the turtleneck has even extended to dresses and sweaters.

  1. Long Coats

Up your style instantly by adding a long coat or trench coat to any outfit. These coats can make any outfit fit into the winter look. The trending colors for these coats are black, gray, taupe, dusty pink, and olive.

  1. Faux Fur Coats

Faux fur coats are the chic and couture coats this season. Aside from any simple coat, these faux fur coats make any outfit high fashion and can even be worn with accessories like fedoras or chokers.

  1. Bomber Jackets

These bomber jackets are by far one of the biggest trends this year. Specifically, patched or embroidered bombers have become every fashionista’s go to item. These jackets are timeless and work for every season.

Although this year’s winter season trends still consist of sweaters and boots, there have been changes that make winter ‘16 unique. From the different trending colors, such as dusty pink, olive green, and taupe, to the twist on typical pieces like sweater and coats, this season’s trends allow anyone to become a fashionista.