Five Questions with Mr. Armendariz


  1. What inspired you to come up with this unique proposition of bleaching/dyeing your hair?

It actually started out as a joke. A few teachers and I were talking about ideas on raising a lot of money for TLC, when one of them said that I should dye my hair. Since I’m the newbie it was easier to make a fool out of myself so I said why not. The students are having fun with it too, so it’s a good deal.

  1. How did you come up with the money objectives for Bleach the Teach?

First of all, I thought $500 was a good amount of money to start off with and I matched it with something not too extreme—bleaching my hair. Then, with the help of some JSA students, I had to think of the most extreme thing I could think of which was to grow out my fro and bleach it. Needing a big figure for that, I chose $3,000. The other prizes fell right in between.

  1. Why is this form of raising money worth your efforts? Why TLC?

Well, I personally know that there are a lot of needy people. I know that some of those people come to school, and who’s going to take care of them? I believe that the community needs to take care of the community. That’s what TLC is; that’s what it all stands for. A lot of their help goes to students, so if one person gives a dollar, they can be giving it to someone sitting next to them.

  1. Have you ever done anything to this extremity in order to raise money?

No, it is the first time that I’ve ever gone out of my way to help people out.

  1. How much have you raised for TLC so far, and if given the opportunity once more, would you do this again?

I, with the help of the history department, have raised more than $600 and counting. I’m not doing this alone. If I look like Brad Pitt after bleaching my hair then yes, I’d do it again. Who knows, this can be the start of a new TLC tradition.