Latin Flair


Latin dance performs their first event “El Tambor” on Dec. 10 at the 3:30 showing Latin dance makes an extraordinary first impression. Miss Fitzel and Jasline Garcia performed together in one of many duets.

Brandon Pineda

Heating the auditorium with Spanish flair, the Latin dance team preformed their first revue on Friday, December 10. The Downey High Latin Dance Club, advised by Spanish teacher Mrs. Fitzel, displayed great style and talent conveyed by Latin flare. Before the show, the team would perform on stage at lunch or at snack but they never preformed as a group dancing together in a performance.

“This is entirely new to the Latin dance team,” Mrs. Fitzel said. “I am so thrilled we have the opportunity to present to an audience.”

The show’s focus—with the inclusion of every dance—was the drums and the implementation of them in music. The team would dance Bachata and Salsa to Cumbia and Punta; the team certainly had more range. From Mrs. Fitzel’s opening speech about the importance of dance to the giant bow from all the dancers at the end, the show was truly exemplary. The publicist in charge, Melissa Lopez, expresses pride for the team.

“I have nothing but pride for my dancers. I’ve seen them work and rehearse for so many months. It’s sublime to see them succeed,” Lopez said.

The Latin dance has existed for thousands of years and branched off many different forms with different types of music. Through the history of dance, the audience could grasp a better understanding for their plight. Before each performance, two students— the humorous duo of Matthew Lostetter and Paige Fitzgerald—would add a small introduction to each dance. In addition, they raffled off some gifts to the crowd.

“[The show] was absolutely great! The crowed seemed very involved with all of the talent presented on stage,” Lostetter said.

The team had such a large range with their dances and their talent. Dressed in vibrant costumes, sometimes Indian-tribal costumes, the team twirled, dipped and even took their dances beyond the stage. They would occasionally step forward and dance outside the proscenium frame. The greatest thing was that the dancers were vibrant and illustrated proper chemistry—which is of dire importance when it comes to dance. Though the team was able to sell out and fill every seat in the auditorium, the talents the Latin-dancers posses stand far above the rest.