Lizzy Martinez , Co-Business Manager

Downey welcomes the new trending ice cream shop, Creamistry, into the community with long lines out the door. Members of the community came out on Aug. 25 to experience the sensation of a new form of ice cream. Creamistry is an ice cream shop which first made its debut in Irvine in 2014, and now has spread across the country. The shop is located in the heart of Downey, neighboring the city’s numerous restaurants.


The ice cream shop gets its popularity for its use of liquid nitrogen when producing their desserts.


“The way the ice cream is made is visually appealing because it looks cool with all the white smoke,” customer, Dayanara Martinez, 9, said as she remembers what caught her eye when she first walked into the shop.


“They make it with liquid-nitrogen which makes it creamy, soft, and adds flavor which I think is different from other ice cream places,” regular customer, Izabela Chavez, 9, said. “I think it tastes really good because of all the energy and smiles on the workers have when they give you the ice cream.”


Not only does the innovative creation of their ice cream keep community members returning, but also the white theme throughout their shop.


“[The] aesthetic is appealing and pleasing especially because it’s what is trending right now,” customer, Marisol Barbuza, 9, said. “I really like that not only does it taste good, but it’s close to Downey High School because you can just walk there.”  


The location of the shop also allows for students from both Downey and Warren High School to enjoy an ice cream after school.


Workers at Creamistry are known for their warm smiles and welcoming customers as they walk in. When a customer walks in Creamistry workers greet customers with “Hello!Welcome!” and as a customer leaves workers say “Thank You!” enhancing the customer experience.


“Workers are really energetic and their vibe is what keeps me coming,” regular customer, Nawal Nabulsi, 9, said. “ Their service makes them so different and the taste of the ice cream is very sweet.”


Not only does Ismael Montoya take pleasure in working at Creamistry, but he also takes pride in being the only worker still in high school.


“What I enjoy the most about working at Creamistry is seeing how happy the kids get when they see the nitrogen,” worker, Ismael Montoya,12, said. “I also get along with my co-workers really well, making it fun to work.”  


Creamistry brings an inventive way of making ice cream to Downey, but it also creates a atmosphere teens from the community enjoy being at. Their variety of ice cream flavors, toppings, organic options, desserts and trending vibe makes it the new ice cream shop to be at.