New Location for Vazza Café

Alexandra Rapalo , Writer

Vazza Café was formerly located inside of the Downey City Library, since last April, but has recently been moved to a new location just outside the library.  The cafe got its name from the Italy imported coffee LavAzza. The ribbon was officially cut, and doors opened on Tuesday, Feb. 14.


Although it is located in a fine new courtyard area, the move was not at all a walk in the park.


“We rebuilt everything from scratch and it was a big transition and a long process to figure out the city plans and it took a little over a year,” owner, Mary Zoumberakis said.


Despite the long process, it was well worth the wait because they can now serve a wide variety of food and drink options as opposed to just snacks.


“When we were inside, we were only allowed to serve drinks and snacks,” Zoumberakis said. “We now serve our own recipes which include: paninis, quesadillas, croissants, sandwiches, frappes, pastries, and much more.”  


Owner Mary and her husband George Zoumberakis are not the only ones who are excited about the location change and grand opening.


Fellow Downey resident, Oscar Hernandez, spoke about his first experience at the Vazza Cafe.


“My friend invited me to come check this place out and there was shade, great food, and it was a friendly environment,” Hernandez said. “The first time I came I ordered a ham croissant and it was toasty and warm and it was also inexpensive. If I had more money that day I would have gotten another one and a coffee.”


Not only do they sell food, but it is also a pleasant alternative to studying indoors. Downey High School student, Claire Smith, 11,  spoke about why she likes spending time in the new courtyard area.


“I prefer sitting outside and I enjoy the outdoor atmosphere more than indoors,” Smith said. “It is fresh out here; there is Wi-Fi and they even have outdoor plugins so I can charge my phone or computer while I study. It is also nice that aside from the round tables they have high tables because I am tall and I like sitting up here because for once my feet don’t touch the ground.”


For Mary and George Zoumberakis this is a dream turned into a reality.


“This is our most recent location aside from being in the PIH also in Downey, the Kaiser in Bellflower, and the St. Francis in Lynwood. The café is fun and since my husband and I are both Greek we’ve always been the outdoor type and it’s part of our culture,” Mary Zoumberakis said. “We want it to be comfortable for anyone to come, sit, and enjoy themselves.”


Whether you are hungry, waiting for a ride, or need a delightful place to study Vazza Café is the place to go. With its inexpensive and tasty food, friendly environment, and nice tables in the shade that also have electrical plugins, it is definitely the new place to visit and hang out.