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Character does count

Throughout the week of Oct. 15 to Oct. 19, Downey High School’s ASB encourages students to display qualities of the six pillars of character, during Character Counts week, by plastering posters around campus.  “It was hard to spread this around the student body, but even if it gets to one persons, it’s enough,” Jenifer Sicardi, 12, said.

Vivian Buenrostro, Co-Editor-in-Cheif

October 27, 2012

From Oct. 15-19, Downey High School’s ASB promoted Character Counts Week by raising the spirit of the student body with walls of posters around campus. By doing this, ASB hoped to highlight the necessity of determining good character.   ASB played a significant role in this event, as the...

Maintaining the six pillars of character

Maintaining the six pillars of character

Angelica Co, Student Life Editor

November 2, 2011

One month after Anti-Bullying Week, the Associated Student Body dedicated another set of days from Oct. 18-21 to remind the students about the significance of having good character. Various posters bearing the six pillars—trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship—were...

Remember: Character Counts

In support of Bully Free Week, signs like these are posted throughout the school. Bully Free Week lasted from October 18 to the 22 along with Character Counts.

Brandon Pineda, News Editor

October 20, 2010

As an attempt to raise awareness on campus, The Associated Student Body dedicates the week of October 18-21 to recognize the growing conflict brought on by bullying as well as praising character and moral values. Across the nation, there were more than sixteen documented suicide attempts among teens...

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