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5 Questions with Brooke Cuttress and Joshua Franco

On October 7, Brooke Cuttress, 12, and Joshua Franco, 12, displays what their modeling and photography jobs consist of outside of school, both having different personality’s enjoy working together as co-workers. Franco and his dad own Red Crew Films, where they photograph and video events, and LAModelMagazine, a fashion magazine with beauty tips and lifestyle guides; Cutress is their main model, but she also works for different companies such as Blim girl, for brands that endorse NASCAR, and can be seen in their ads and headers for their website and Facebook page.

Esther Rodriguez, Parents & Teachers Section Editor

November 12, 2014

Five questions with Brooke Cuttress and Joshua Franco Starting over the summer, seniors Joshua Franco and Brooke Cuttress have been working as a photographer and a model. Franco approached Cuttress about modeling, which led to her becoming one of his models of LAModelMagazine, a fashion magazine that...

Model behavior

Irene Luna, Editor-in-Cheif

November 24, 2009

Downey High School Sophomore and aspiring model Christian Giraldo is following his dreams of becoming a model one step at a time by attending a school of the arts, Bellas Artes, which is Spanish for the Beautiful Arts.  There, instructors skilled in dancing, modeling, acting, and singing train students...

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