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Stigma Around Mental Health

Katherine Portillo, Photographer February 4, 2020

Dealing with Mental Health issues is very difficult, let alone dealing with these problems as teenagers, especially when we are barely figuring out who we are as people and what our purpose is.  By being...

How Mental Health Affects your Physical Health

Katherine Portillo, Photographer January 4, 2020

Many people are afraid to speak on the topic of mental health because society tells us it is not important, or at least, not as important as your physical well being. How can this be true with problems...

Celeste & Depression

Oscar Flores, Copy Editor March 7, 2018

Mental illness is a mountain to be conquered, an objective to be surpassed, but never to be ignored. On Jan. 25, Game Designers Matt Thorson and Noel Berry released Celeste, a 2D platformer that revolves...

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Mental Illness