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Scouting out the Ivy League

On Mar. 18, students from Downey High School attended the Yale University meeting held by Daniela Dellarza to receive information about the university. The meeting provided information on the campus like financial aid, housing, and requirements for going to Yale.
March 25, 2015

On Mar. 18, Yale University sent Daniela Dellarza, a student ambassador, to visit Downey High School in the Career Center and talk to underclassmen about the opportunities they have to apply and attend...

A step towards a new beginning

A step towards a new beginning
December 16, 2011

As the class of 2012 relish their last year around the Viking campus, the graduating students still face one of the most hectic and highly anticipated part of their senior year: college applications. Although...

Acceptance into a new world

April 30, 2010

As the school year comes to a end, the class of 2010’s top graduating seniors are faced with a decision on which prestigious university they will be attending. Although still undecided which universities...

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