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Advice: Dealing with Anxiety

Clarice Rosales, Photographer, Writer

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Dear reader,

A simple, overwhelming thought branching out to something more – anxiety. Horrific. It’s a monster taking over your mind. You begin to cry but are not really sure why. Anxiety affects many people from the ages 6-40. This emotion is common and you don’t have to deal with it alone. I have some advice to help you get through your next anxiety attack. Here is way to deal with a bump in the road.

Each day there is a fight which prevents you from your everyday routine – stress. For people with anxiety, it’s worrying and stress that mixes together. If you overthink every scenario in your head, your thoughts go wild. To help your anxiety keep yourself preoccupied. Try something that will take up all your attention and time. I can’t stress this enough. It could be something like a job, working out, a sport, or school activities. Everyone else their own anxiety. Personally, my trigger is when strangers look at me and being overwhelmed with school work when it’s due soon.

Now there is one way to let loose of some of the built up overpowering emotions: letting it out. What I mean by this is don’t keep how you feel inside and  don’t let it built up it only makes up unhappier. If it’s anger then scream in your home, so you don’t keep your frustration bottle up; if it’s crying then cry. Don’t think that crying is a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of power of letting go of a bigger emotion. Or simply talk to a friend or someone you trust. You could also write down how you feel.

Reassurance. For many it’s hard to think of the moment ahead since your overstressing about this one event, but tell yourself it will get done. I know how corny it sounds but it does work, since it has for this last semester.  

If you need advice, or have any different ways you deal with anxiety, feel free to comment and share your experiences.

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Clarice Rosales, Co-Photo Editor
Downey High senior and photographer Clarice Rosales has always been passionate about her photography because of her belief in God; her desire is to express the world in all of its beauty. “I want to show the world things that are going unnoticed,” Rosales said. “I want to be the one photographer that makes a change in the world with my photography.”
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One Response to “Advice: Dealing with Anxiety”

  1. Jazlyn Contreras on May 1st, 2017 11:16 AM

    Call me a self-diagnosed weeb, but I personally feel like I have some kind of anxiety disorder. My trigger is when random people stare at me or whenever I say something ridiculous by accident: I feel like the person I’m talking to is secretly judging me or talking behind my back. Also, whenever I get called out for something little (by a teacher or anyone, actually); it makes me feel insecure and scared, thinking I’m gonna get expelled or beaten up… To calm myself down, I think of my favorite fictional characters or even bite my fingernails/fingerskin; it’s bad, but eh.

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Advice: Dealing with Anxiety