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Joey Flores
Joey Flores is a 14-year-old sophomore at Downey High as well as a writer and News Editor for The Downey Legend. Flores chose to join the 2012-2013 staff because he wants to gain experience in journalism, since he aspires to work for Details or Rolling Stone magazine. He plans to attend the University of Oxford or NYU. “I have a minor obsession with the U.K.,” Flores said when asked why he wanted to attend the University of Oxford. He admitted that he will miss his friends and family when he’s away for college, although he won’t be missing the California weather. The News Editor always preferred English over any other subject. “When I was younger I always preferred English because I felt that I had the freedom when it came to creative writing,” Flores said. Along with being on the newspaper, he is also taking Honors English 10, which will help enhance his writing skills. Flores’ main goals are to fulfill everything that comes his way and to come up with interesting stories that will receive multiple views.


The staff member enjoys listening to indie and alternative rock. He is a big fan of the 80s band, The Smiths. Flores loves doing community service and is a member of the Key Club. The News Editor enjoys helping others and wants to help “beautify the community.” Flores has volunteered at recovery centers, like Rancho Los Amigos. He participated in a carnival for the disabled patients at the RLARC. “It was very eye-opening because you realize that they are incapable of doing much, but they never give up,” he said. Although Flores has a lot on his plate- being The Downey Legend’s News Editor, volunteering at rehabilitation centers, and succeeding in AP European History and Honors English 10- he will manage to stay on top of everything and make his sophomore year a memorable one.

Joey Flores, News Editor

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Joey Flores