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Jezabel Perez
Going into her second year as a podcaster for the Downey Legend, Jezebel Perez is finishing off her last year of high school strong, growing closer to her goals of becoming a welfare social worker in being involved in the Thirst Project. Additionally, Perez is acting as the president of DHS’s Kiwins club during her fourth and final year. She proves to focus on her set goals but is also open to try new things, seen by her initial, new-found attraction towards the podcasting position.

Having been volunteering since her freshman year of high school, Perez enjoys giving back to her community, “The most important thing for me is to help others in any way that I can,” Perez stated. “It’s an amazing feeling to be in service clubs that have members who inspire me to continue helping.” She devotes the majority of her time to volunteering and finds happiness in being able to be the change in her community.

Jezabel Perez, Podcaster

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Jezabel Perez