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Santiago Mares
Wanting to get more involved with school activities, Santiago Mares, 12, joins the newspaper staff as a first year member. "I am just trying to get involved at school and making a small difference,” Mares said. "I took Photo 1 and 2 last year and now I want to get more involved in it all."  


Santi is someone you can always talk to and hang with. He doesn’t judge or lags on anyone. He is a real one, someone who is both reliable and crazy. If I could choose anyone to do a challenge or go on an adventure with, it would be Santi, one of my favorite people in this class and one of the best photographers I know! From going out to shoot photos together to eating lunch together every Wednesday, Santi has created a dent in my high school experience and I won’t ever forget it.  We’ve had many adventures and experiences together and so much drama has crossed our paths. During our time in high school, you make memories good and bad but most importantly are the memories you make with certain people. These people are who make high school great and Santi you are one of those people. ESPECIALLY to me. Don’t ever stop being you and I know in the future you will be successful in everything you do!!

-Andrew Vega

Santiago Mares, Photo Editor

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