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Nicole Alvarez
With the rhythm of a dancer in her heart, Nicole Alvarez, 10, a Cuban-American, credits her heritage with her taste in music, love for dance and her favorite food, her grandmother’s arroz amarillo.  “My life is strongly influenced by my Cuban culture.” Alvarez said.  


The Downey Legend should be honored to have Nicole Alvarez as an incoming Editor in Chief in the fall.  As a journalist she goes the extra mile to get the facts and story straight. As a person and friend she always greets you with the biggest smile and goes above and beyond to ensure that people’s feelings are put over her own.  She is easygoing, empathetic and a great listener, but firm enough to take on the role of running an entire schools’ newspaper. One of the highlights of being in newspaper my senior year has been getting close to Nicole.

-Sarah Espinoza

Nicole Alvarez, Writer

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