The Downey Legend

Starting her first year in Newspaper as a podcaster, Melina Michaus is a senior at Downey High with a voice loud enough to be heard. Michaus has been in Girl Scouts since she was 10 years old and started softball around the same time, up until her senior year. Michaus plans to go to a four year university, ideally San Diego State, to major in nursing where she will help others in need. 

In her free time, Michaus reads romance and mystery novels. “I like novels because it helps me grow my imagination,” Michaus informed. “I like romance novels because I love, love. I like mystery novels because of the curiosity and not knowing what’s going to happen next.” Michaus is usually hidden behind a book, but once you get her to put it down and talk, she will keep the conversation going.

Melina Michaus, Podcaster

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