The Downey Legend

Lukas Luna
With a passion for reading and writing, Lukas Luna, 10, hopes to one day use his skills to become a journalist. “I find that writing something analytical relaxes me,” Luna said, “ a way few other things could.”   


Getting to know Lukas was no challenge. He was the first stranger I had to talk too, yet in a way it did not feel forced. He was so kind and we had tons of common interest, especially when it came to the topic of horror. A shy yet expressive young man would have been the way I described him after just one day. That was months ago, words can’t even begin to describe my enjoyment of even being near him now.


Lukas Luna is no regular sophomore, he is a writer with a passion beyond belief. His stories represented himself based on the diverse knowledge he exposed himself too. He expressed his views and his ideas all over his writing. His growth in character was the only other thing I could say was equally as amazing. He was no longer the shy young man I met him as, but someone who was not afraid to show the world what he had to say. He added a lot to the staff and soon he will help run it, no surprises there, he earned it.

-Michelle Salinas

Lukas Luna, Writer

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