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Jessica Garcia
Wanting to major in visual arts and performance straight out of high school, Jessica Garcia, 12, has been taking drawing and dance classes since elementary, and acting classes since middle school. “It [visual performance] was the first thing I took interest in since I was a baby,” Garcia said. “and the thought of having options in that certain category is the main reason why I want to major in it.”  


My first impression of Jessica, or as everyone knows her Jessie, was that she was a very busy person. And she is, she is a very busy and hardworking person. Jessie makes sure that she always gets her work done and will help you as much as she can if you ask her. Jessie is an extroverted, loud, and cheerful person that never fails to make you smile.  Besides being very devoted to newspaper she is very passionate about dance. Jessie loves to dance because it's a way to express emotions without having to speak a word. Throughout the year I have come to know Jessie not only as our business co-manager and a dancer but as a friend, and I am glad that I did because she is such a wonderful person.  


-Amy Garcia

Jessica Garcia, Photographer

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