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Jazmyn Contreras
Illustrator, Jazmyn Contreras, 11, has been in Newspaper for one year, going on her second year. She has an enormous amount of passion for artistry that shines through her projects in intermediate drawing class. Contreras likes to be caught up with events on campus so she can be informative to others. She comes off as an introverted person, but she has a kind heart and is caring once you get to know her. Contreras’ career plans fluctuate between becoming a comic artist or animator. She aspires to produce her own animated series or short films when given the chance.

Contreras is always seeking inspiration for art work. “The main thing that inspired me to draw is all my emotions, regret, sadness, happiness, any kind of emotion,” Contreras stated. “These inspirations really kept me going.” Besides wanting to excel in her art, she wants to open up a bit more to be able to speak up, and overall develop as a person.


Jazmyn Contreras, Illustrator

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