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Jace Carlos
Downey Legend comic artist, Jace Carlos, 12, returns for the feeling of family that he had left behind in the previous year of newspaper, aiming to bring about laughter and expand the minds of his peers with his comics. In the previous year, Carlos had been involved in Downey High’s boys wrestling until a torn ACL brought this to a halt. Currently, he spends his spare time working as a cashier for his family's restaurant, T&A Taco. 

Carlos has decided he will major in animation after high school, his goal being to write and animate his own cartoon show. Through his comics, Carlos attempts to encourage his readers to think outside the box in a way that also entertains the reader. In regards to this, Carlos stated, “I want them to see comedy in a different way.” He said, “I always see the same joke when it comes to comics and I want to stand out.”

Jace Carlos, Illustrator

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