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Gilbert Arevalo
First year staff member of the Downey High newspaper, The Downey Legend, Gilbert Arevalo, 12, joins as a videographer. Having been part of the Improv club since his freshman year, Arevalo states he enjoys spending time with the other club members. “Yea it’s super fun, and I love improv club so much, they’re like my fam [family], we get close, we’re not a regular club,” Arevalo stated. “And when I first joined, improv was sort of a medicine for me. It made me feel great being surrounded by a bunch of people who love me, and this is my second year leading and I’m sad but happy that my improv journey is over.”

As an artistic and creative person, Arevalos hopes to get into careers such as acting, writing, filming, and stand-up. During his free time, Arevalo works on his own comic book called The Adventures Of Porky and James, “I describe it as a culmination of my life’s work in a way, and I put all my creative effort forward.” Arevalos stated. “I’ve been working on it for six years, and I put my own personal emotions and traits amongst it, and it really was made to express myself and just to exist. I want the characters to have like their own world and just exist in paper and in my mind.” 

Gilbert Arevalo, Videographer

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