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Enrique Jimenez
First year staff member of the Downey Legend, Enrique Jimenez, 11,joins the class as part of the podcast team and is enthusiastic to start the new school year. “My teachers are pretty cool;I’ll do fine in all my classes,” Jimenez said. “I also joined podcast cause I was interested and I enjoy talking.”  


When I first met Enrique he was fairly quiet and was just the kid who edited our podcast. As time passed and we produced more podcast he started to open up. I learned about his undying love for Kanye West and his immense collection of Spongebob memes. I began to realize that this usually quiet kid was pretty goofy and always wore a smile on his face. With Enrique in the backroom there was never a dull moment, from him telling us how to break into his house, to him passionately justifying his admiration for Kanye. Enrique was always hard at work, and on board with whatever we had planned. Not once did I hear him complain about editing our numerous podcasts. All in all Enrique was a vital aspect to the amazing atmosphere that was created amongst the podcast team. I will surely miss this goofball and his trademark beanies, but I am confident that he will be able to prosper as a strong leader for next years podcast team.

-Michael Pasaye

Enrique Jimenez, Podcaster

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