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Diego Martinez
Planning to attend a Cal. State to major in English and Philosophy, copy editor, Diego Martinez 11,  is very active when it comes to school. He is going on to his second year in newspaper, tutors at the writing center, and has taken multiple AP classes. He is a very talkative and a family oriented person.  He often visits his family in Mexico and gets in trouble for talking too much in class. Listening to a variety of music including neoclassical, musical structures, heavy metal, and progressives, Martinez enjoys playing the guitar and sometimes composes his own music as well.  

When asked how he got into music he responded, “It was the absolute thrill of exploring possible dynamic range in different genres of music,” Martinez stated.  This just goes to show how Martinez isn’t afraid of getting out of his comfort zone and trying new things. When asked why he chose to be a writer for newspaper he stated, “I enjoy writing, it is a pastime and helps me get my mind off of things,” Martinez stated.  

Diego Martinez, Co-Copy Editor

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