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Diego Martinez
As a writer in the Downey Legend, sophomore Diego Martinez loves to express himself through the act of writing and composing music. "In the future, I see myself as a writer but not a career. Just a hobby and an interest that I would not mind taking a few steps forward into.” Martinez said. “As for music, I like making my own compositions and, at the same time I like to express myself through music, whether one day I'm sad and play depressing songs and vice versa."  


When the first time I met Diego I thought that he was just a normal student in Downey High School just like everyone else. However when I had the chance to get to know him more, I realize that he’s a type of person who is filled with passion for music and writing or even have the audacity to pursue it as his career.


It wasn’t that hard to understand every concept that he talks about if you love music. It’s interesting to hear him talk about what he’s trying to learn everyday from playing guitar. I admire the fact he create his own band called “Newmakers.” Everyday he has a topic to talk to Jazmyn and I about anything that comes in his mind. It’s funny how everyday he comes to Newspaper, he’s always tired yet he hides the fact he is and just act very cheerful whenever he has the chance, it’s hilarious to see it and a tad bit concerning (lol). He always comes to me whenever he needs to know what we were doing in Shiroma’s class, our math teacher, which is funny because he creates this concept of where we’re always in a war in her class. Everyday he brings up new ideas about the war and it sparks my imagination. He never failed to make me a little bit happy in my darkest days. Getting to know him was an honor and a series of roller coaster feelings.

-Stolichnaya Duque

Diego Martinez, Writer

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