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Brianne Galindo
Excited to finish high school this May and head off to college, Brianne Galindo, 12, is anticipating the moment she gets to walk with her class at graduation. “I’m not sure what kind of career I’m going to have,“ Galindo said, “but I do know I want to go to a university to study some sort of science.”  


Timid yet adamant Brianne Galindo has always given it her all in everything she feels passionate about.  She feels a deep interest for photography and home crafting projects. Since she was around ten, Brianne has felt a passion for protecting the environment and its critter inhabitants.  After understanding her desire to delve into photography and the environment, she went onto join Newspaper and AP Environmental Science in her senior year.


The first time I met her, she was extremely shy but very respectful to those around her.  Although she always seems to be by herself, I have noticed that she cares deeply about those around her.  Her love for animals and the Earth has also lead her to give up meat as a vegetarian, and is proud of her dietary change.  Over the time that I have had the opportunity to call her a friend, I have seen how devoted she is to her community in the events she participates in.  Time and time again she has gone out of her way to do Beach Clean -Ups and to provide child care assistance at her church.


Brianne Galindo is a person that puts her heart above all else and always thinks about her friends before herself.  She is truly an honorable and respectable person to have as a friend.

-Adrian Soto

Brianne Galindo, Photographer

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