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Alyssa Vega
With graduation coming up this spring, and lots of work still left to be done, Alyssa Vega is finally getting ready to plan her future by meticulously choosing classes based on her potential careers. Former volleyball player, Vega, is also excited about her senior year and hopes to make memories with her peers. She also aspires to go beyond her limits in not only writing, but also in thinking.


“I want to become a more creative writer and open-minded,” Vega said. “If I do enjoy writing this year, then I would definitely choose to pursue it as a career.”


Similarly, AP student, Isaac Hernandez, hopes to have a fruitful senior year that does not include so much stress. He is currently taking three AP classes and is a club organizer for ASB.


“By the end of my senior year, I want to not lose my sanity while maintaining a cool demeanor as I juggle all my classes and extracurricular,” Hernandez said. “AP government is my favorite class so far because it serves as a good background for my career as I intend to go to law school.”

Both Hernandez and Vega share the same attitude towards not losing it while taking so many AP classes. Not only does Vega aspire to do her best, she also looks forward to gaining beneficial information from her classes and peers, while at the same time having an awesome time learning.


Andrea Laguna, another delighted Downey High School senior, is taking an engineering class in design this year. She views this class as an innovative and fun learning challenge that she hopes to gain a lot from.


“It’s [Engineering] a lot more work than one might think,” Laguna said. “I really hope that by the end of my senior year I will be able to design something so incredible, and that I will be able to build and be proud of.”


Vega’s motivation and enthusiasm are great contributors to her future success and they are what keeps her going. By the end of her senior year, Vega just hopes to find what her passion is and she is also exciting to move to a new city, wherever her future college might be!

Alyssa Vega, Arts and Entertainment Editor

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