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Adam Bhuiyan
Avid sci-fi enthusiast, Adam Bhuiyan, 12, discusses his interest of science, astronomy, and the discovery of our universe. “I’m amazed in the study of astronomy and astrology,” Bhuiyan stated. “It interest me how little we know about our universe and what we can discover.”  


When I met Adam, I thought he was a standard guy at Downey High, but as we worked on the Cinematography of Horror Films podcast together, my view drastically changed. He went from standard to amazing. Quiet to rambunctious. Distant to loving.

Eight months later, he has been nothing less than sweet, patient, and supportive to not only me but also his other friends and family. Adam goes far beyond expectations and goes out of his way to help even if he gets nothing in return. Adam has a drive to move past the adversities and work around them, unwilling to yield. He went through hard times, yet I never witnessed him give up. He never threw a pencil across the room in anger from a difficult math problem. He never stormed out of a friendship because of one tough patch. He never hung up on me when I screamed and cussed and thrashed about drama over the phone. Once you earned his loyalty, he is really, truly 100% there, never to drop the ball. I do not know what I did to earn such a loyal partner-in-crime, but what I do know is that I would never rather spend the last eight months with anyone else.

-Lily Nguyen

Adam Bhuiyan, Podcaster

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