Our Los Angeles Dodgers: NL West Champions!

Alanis Martinez, Photographer

The 2022 Major League Baseball season has been an ecstatic and nerve-racking roller-coaster experience for the beloved Los Angeles Team, the LA Dodgers. The Los Angeles Dodgers clinched the West National League division title this 2022 MLB season. After the big win, numerous students at Downey High School displayed their Dodger pride representing the well-known and celebrated Los Angeles-based team. 


The Dodgers had a beyond successful season with minor bumps in the road, yet broke records and revamped their skillset to improve the team overall. Long-time Dodger fan, Kayla Villalobos, 10, agrees and gives in her take on the Dodger’s future performance in the postseason. 


“I think the Dodgers have proved that they are capable of doing well and I think they have had a great season so far. Not to mention the fact that they broke the franchise record for the most games won in one season,” Villalobos states. “I think that if the Dodgers make it to the World Series, there is a good possibility that they’ll win!”


On September 13th, the Dodgers secured their spot in the 2022 playoffs, defeating the Arizona Diamondbacks, and regaining their division crown. Last year, with a whopping 106 total regular season wins, the Dodgers lost the tight race to the San Francisco Giants and were robbed of the division title. Along with making their remarkable comeback this season, the Dodgers enter the 100-win club being the quickest team to 100 wins in over a decade. Many Dodger fans everywhere have had a tough time dealing with the renouncements of players being traded, like long-time Dodger players Corey Seager and Kenley Jansen. Mourning the losses of these key players, the loving community of the LA Dodgers welcomed new fan favorites.


Many Dodgers fans everywhere watch the thrilling game from their very own home while still enjoying the game from the comfort of a familiar setting. Tuesday night, Miranda Delgadillo, 10, turned on the TV to watch the famous LA team play the Arizona Diamondbacks from the comfort of her home. 


“My favorite player, [Kike] Hernandez, got traded a couple of years ago. But, another one of my favorites would have to be the guy with orange hair, Justin Turner,” Delgadillo said. “Seeing how the Dodgers played this season, I’d think they could win the World Series again!”


On Tuesday night, the Dodgers went head-to-head with the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field, following up their final game in the series. Famous Dodger, Clayton Kershaw led the game pitching seven innings straight. Kershaw pitched an outstanding game going seven scoreless innings with five strikeouts after being put back on the roster from the injured list. The Dodgers spent the night celebrating the big win in champagne-soaked festivity alongside their teammates. 


Various Dodger fans in the Downey community had other ways of celebrating by representing in their Dodger blue pride. Here at Downey High School, most students recognize the win and show off their Dodger gear. Wearing their blue and white-toned jerseys displaying various players apart from the Dodgers. The Los Angeles iconic logo could be displayed across any item of clothing, representing the dedicated community.


Across Downey High School, countless students represent their team by displaying their team merchandise, ranging from jerseys to hats to hoodies! Days after the big win, Alexis Cazares, 10, flaunts her Dodger blue attire representing the digits of the famous pitcher, Clayton Kershaw.


“Honestly, I already knew they were going to win based on how they have been playing,” Cazares states. “I expect the Dodgers to still be good in the postseason because I believe in them. I think we can win another World Series!”


Though winning the National League division was a significant accomplishment for the LA team, the Dodgers have much bigger plans in mind. The countdown to the playoffs begins and the Dodgers are ready to take another World Series title back home.