Underclass and flying fast

Before his after school practice begins, Ryan Collins, 10, arrives to the football field to improve his skills for the upcoming games vs. Huntington Beach. “Grind hard, work hard, play hard,” Collins said.

Lucy Hernandez, Writer/Public Relations Manager/ News Editor

Not just your average underclassmen, freshman Trevor Hill, junior Jacob Garcia, and sophomore Ryan Collins are just three of the underclassmen who have surpassed expectations set for them by playing in the 2013-2014 CIF winning varsity football team.

After originally practicing with the freshman, Hill showed dedication and talent; he was asked to join varsity and jumped at the opportunity. Not only does he practice with the varsity team, he also pulls double duty by continuing to practice with the freshman team.

“It’s a really great experience to help me grow as a person and a player,” Hill said.

Hill is also on the team with his older brother, senior and former quarterback, Conor Hill, who is nothing less than a star athlete himself.

“It’s a good experience for us both,” Hill said, “and it’s great for us both and it’s great to be able to play football with him.”

Hill hopes to play varsity all four years of high school and is keeping his fingers crossed for a full scholarship to a California State University or Stanford University.

Junior Jacob Garcia joined Hill in football this year after varsity Coach Williams saw how hard he worked to achieve his goals, and asked him to be a part of the team.

“It feels really good being approached by Williams after all the hard work,” Garcia said.

Garcia follows a set of strict personal standards and strives to be a leader and a role model for others. He tries to come out on top against his opponents and pushed himself to the limit. Not only does he compete against other, he challenges himself.

Although Garcia does not have a blood brother on the team, he has found a brother in starter Art Gomez. He finds guidance from him when he is lost on a play or is unsure of what to do.

Even though Garcia does not plan on pursuing a professional career in football, he does plan on pursuing a career as a contractor and wants to go to trade school in Utah.

Collins also pulls double duty and has to practice twice as hard as any returning varsity player.

“It’s a privilege.” Collins said, “I can be moved down at any moment so i have to go hard in the game all the time.”

Considering there are returning players who play the same position as Collins, he has to pay his dues to received ample playing time. Even though he isn’t always in the game, he still keeps himself in tip-top shape.

Collins finds a comrade in #4 Juwan Pleze, and doesn’t hesitate to ask for help.

Much like Garcia, Collins does not plan on pursuing a professional football career. At first, he thought about it, but soon realized that it’s not an easy process. He is considering joining the Army, and if all else fails, hopes to be granted to a CSU or UCLA.

All three of these young men have displayed talent and their love of football.