Vikings easily take the win from Dominguez Hills


Playing against Dominguez Hills, David Espindola, senior, pitches his way through the game, in attempts to strike out his opponent on May 1, at the Downey baseball field. The Vikes beat Dominguez Hills, 6-0.

Norma Flores, Sports Editor

After seven innings of baseball, the Vikings dominated against Dominguez Hills in a 6-0 win on May 1, at 3:00 pm at the baseball field.  The game, although originally to be played at Dominguez Hills, proved to be too much for them.

From the start, Downey took control of the game. The home team was first to bat, and at the top of the first, no runs were made, but attempts to get on base were made.

“Coming into the game, we were confident that we would win, and just took it as another day at the ball field,” senior Jordan Ybarra said.

Dominguez Hills was next to bat, and pitcher Anthony Cortez, 12, warmed up. After a few warm up pitches, the game was on its way once again. The first bottom of the half went by and the first three batters striked ending the first inning.

The next inning would end with similar results. Once the third inning began, the Vikings looked as though they were prepared to get the game going.  At the top of the third, the Downey varsity team brought in five home runs.

“When I pitch, I feel like it’s the best way I can help the team be better,” senior Anthony Cortez said. “I enjoy pitching not just for the team, but for my friends.”

The game was won with three innings left to play. That did not mean that the Vikes stopped trying.  They played till the end, although the opposing team had nothing on them.

“I think we played well, and the other team just wasn’t prepared,” Coach Gonzalez said.

After the easy win against Dominguez Hills, the varsity team went on to win against Lynwood 10-1 and became league champions.