Boys varsity lacrosse off to a rocky start


After taking control of the ball, Bryant Hernandez, 11, attempts to drive in and score a point for the Downey Vikings on March 9, at the Allen Layne Stadium, at 7 pm. The game ended with a loss for the Vikings, ending their 5 game winning streak.

Norma Flores, Sports Editor

After a win by forfeit against Palos Verdes, the Downey varsity boys lacrosse team took on Crespi High School. The duel took place on Friday, March 9, at 7 pm, in the Allen Layne Stadium. The team felt confident that with their skills they would be able to take on the Crespi team and put it away before half time.

The first quarter began and the Vikings were in control; in the first 2 minutes, Chase Udelhofen, 11, scored the first shot of the game. The face-off proceeded and Crespi took control of the ball until Michael Marxreit stole it and passed it to Udelhofen, making a fast break for the Vikes. The first quarter ended with Downey ahead of Crespi 4-1.

The second quarter had an exiting start with both teams receiving a “man-down” penalty. This was a preview to the defensive game that lay ahead. Both teams were working  to protect the ball offensively as well as defensively. Nathan Hanker, 12, started the ball movement for his team passing it to Cody Mohacsi, 12, who made his way down field until Crespi took possession of the ball again, making a goal of their own. With 2 minutes left, Downey regained themselves with Hanker,12, blocking a shot from the opposing team.

The third quarter began very violently, as Crespi earned an illegal screen, sending them man down. Downey’s goalie, Hanker,12, blocked many shots during this quarter

“Being a captain, I have high expectations for my team as well as for myself,” Hanker said, “I practice a lot in order for me not to get scored on.”

Finally after 5 minutes of restless, strong defense, Downey managed to get a shot in. As they began to play the final quarter of the game they were at a 6-5 game, with Downey in the lead. The defense that the Vikes showed so far was strong, but slowly Downey lost their strike and begin to lose control.  Coach Witkin felt the tension his players were going through.

“Relax, you are fine,” Coach Witkin said, “Their is plenty of time left in the game. Find someone.”

With 3 minutes left in the game, Crespi scored the equalizing goal. The Vikings started to fall apart and with only time left for one more play, Crespi takes the game 8-7.

“The problem with this game, I think was that after the first half we got cocky and decided we could stop trying,” Udelhofen Said, “ It was suppose to be an easy win and we threw it away.”

The Vikes had everything under control for half of the fourth quarter but fell apart after Crespi tied the game. They hope to redeem themselves as they take on Peninsula on March 12, at the Allen Layne Stadium, at 7 pm.