Four vikings in CIF’s 2011 team of the year


The CIF Girl’s Volleyball Selection Committee named Heather Schnars Player of the Year and Mrs. Andrea Sims Coach of the Year on Dec. 12, 2011. Schnars, 12, has been on CIF’s Team of the Year since her sophomore year.

Julia Ruiz, Sports Editor

With a second consecutive CIF title under their belt, the girls varsity volleyball team received further recognitions as the CIF Division 2A acknowledged both senior Heather Schnars and Coach Andrea Sims as Player and Coach of the Year respectively on Dec. 12, 2011.

Captain Heather Schnars’ achievements have not gone unnoticed. The young outside hitter has been featured in CIF’s team of the year since her sophomore year.  Her dedication to her team brought her the Player of the Year title, the cherry on the top to not only a successful season but also a thriving high-school career. Throughout her four years as a Viking, Schnars won the league’s Co-MVP for three years and received numerous praise from various local newspapers such as The Press Telegram and The Downey Patriot.

“It feels really good to be Player of the Year,” Schnars said. “I’ve worked really hard since freshman year to get here.”

Schnars will continue her volleyball career at the University of Central Arkansas after receiving a full ride for her sportsmanship.

“I am very proud of Heather and all her accomplishments,” Coach Sims said. “She is very hard on herself and always pushes herself to reach higher limits. She is a hard worker that leads by example on the court and this has earned her her ultimate goal: a college scholarship.”

Along with Heather Schnars’ recognition, juniors Makayla Taylor and Joy Miley both earned themselves a spot on the CIF Division 2A’s Team of the Year.  Taylor made the list for the second time in her high school career, while Miley debuted this year.

“I feel honored and privileged to be on the Team of the Year,” Miley said. “It was never a goal of mine, but it’s an awesome perk. It makes me happy to know that my hard work is being recognized.”

Behind these three girls, stands one coach’s dedication and love for the game. The Girls Volleyball Coaches’ Selection Committee acknowledged Andrea Sims as Coach of the Year.

“She’s an amazing coach,” Miley said. “She works really hard and helps us so much. She’s always giving us advice.”

Despite the praise from her girls, the Viking coach believes it was a team effort that earned her the title.

“I am thankful to be recognized by my peers in the volleyball community,” the CIF champion said, “but I believe [the title] speaks more about the girls’ accomplishments this season. I would not have been given this honor if we lost early on in CIF playoff, so my players earned ‘us’ this award.”

The humility and dedication that runs throughout the team, from the players to the coach, pushes them further and further each year. Coach Sims and the returning players are already thinking of the upcoming season and hope to defend their CIF title for a third consecutive year.