Varsity water polo defeats Marina 13-9


Passing the ball across the pool, junior Andrew Rezk tries keeping the ball away from Marina players on Sept 15. at the Downey Aquatic Center. Marina and Downey were neck and neck until the end when the Vikings won with a final score of 13-9.

Norma Flores, Sports Editor

After a long fight against Marina, the boys varsity water polo team managed to take the win, 13 to 9, at their first home game at the Downey Aquatics Center on Sept. 15.

Going into the game, the team had high expectations, as their goal was to bring the Marina team down. As the game began, junior Peter Roldan made the first goal.

“Whenever we go into any game, we always have to have a winning mind set,” Captain Abraham Gomez said. “There’s no room for us to think negative.”

As the game progressed the players were working hard to come out victorious. Soon the varsity polo team was up, but this didn’t allow them to let their guard down. By half time Marina was trailing by four. The atmosphere was tense and before second quarter ended, the Vikings managed to put in a goal.

The third quarter began and head coach Delhousy was screaming, “Defense! Defense! Press!” It was visible that the goalie, James Morrison, felt the pressure but he had blocked about seven goal attempts.

“My team expects me to do my best at every game,” Morrison said, “and I expect the same from them. I can use a little help on defense.”

This game was anyone’s as both teams were equally matched, but only one would come out winners.

It was a strong way to finish the first home game. After this win the team could proudly say their chant “ Motivation! Dedication! Discipline! Who are we? Who are we? DOWNEY!” This team has a big heart and with a big will to succeed surely they will get as far as they want.