X-Games: Summer 2011

X-Games: Summer 2011

Young BMXers practice diligently at the Vans Skatepark located in The Block at Orange, on Sunday June 4. Although many ride just for fun, there are some who start at a young age to work on their techniques and tricks in hopes of one day getting into the renown X-Games.

John Franco, Sports Editor

Once again, it’s that time of year where the chills, the spills, and the spectacular feats of the daring X Games 17 kicks off in Downtown Los Angeles Thursday, July 28 2011.

With the events lineup now out including BMX Park Elimination Competition, Skateboard Competitions and the Moto X Best Whip fans are ready for the action. Best trick competitions are to begin in the early afternoon and several others too.

“I’m a pretty big fan of the X Games and I am excited for the Motorcycle competitions,” fan Maxx Gonzalez said.

But there was some trouble that had to be overcome this year. Rumor had it that the X Games were going to be moved to Montreal, Canada and would become the new home of the games but a deal was made that will allow Los Angeles to remain the home of the competition for the near future and perhaps indefinitely.

“That’s wonderful!” senior Aaaron Montaine said. “ It goes to show that LA is to remain the capital of the X games.”

The event will take place this year from Thursday, July 28 and continue through July 31, 2011 with more than 200 athletes competing at the Staples Center and Nokia Theatre LA Live.

This year, there will be an introduction of a new event at the 2011 games that will combine motocross racing and more traditional enduro. It will pit racers against sand, rocks, mud and other obstacles. The streets of LA will also be moved for the racing competition.

“I’m really excited for the new events and I hope that it’s well worth it!” fan Jason Mars said.

But time is running out. The event tickets go on sale June 23 and they will be available for purchase at both Ticketmaster locations and at the Staples Center. Acting fast is suggested as many tickets are snatched up fast and if interested fans don’t, ticket resellers become the vendor of choice for many.