It’s in the Neilan blood

Its in the Neilan blood

Cal-Poly Pomona, UCLA, and Butler University in Indiana have spotted the talented Neilan siblings and have offered them scholarships to attend their school. Senior, Brandi Neilan has been scouted for her expertise in soccer and her brother, Garrett Neilan, has been examined for his aptitude in basketball.

Camerynn Chase, Staff Writer

Talent runs in the family with Brandi Neilan and her younger brother Garrett. Not only siblings but friends, the dynamic duo excels at any sport they attempt.

Brandi set a fantastic example for Garrett early on by exhibiting great work ethic toward her sport of choice: soccer. She won First All CIF, First Dream Team, and All League First Team always coming out on top.

“Part of it is being born with it, I guess. Garrett and I have a lot of athletes in the family,” Brandi said. “Mostly, though, it’s the fact that I practice a lot. I put in a lot of long hours and a lot of work. It truly pays off.”

Brandi has passed her wisdom down to her brother Garrett, who applied it to his sport of choice: basketball. Garrett has won First All CIF, All League MVP, First Dream Team, and Downey High MVP for two years.

“I spend a lot of time in the gym lifting and shooting, trying to get better,” Garrett said. “I’m very determined. I don’t like to fail or lose at anything and I think that’s what motivates me.”

With so many similarities between the two, there is no doubt that the brother – sister team are more friends than they are siblings.

“Sports have definitely brought us closer together since it gives us something to bond over. I would say that he’s one of my good friends.” Brandi said about her brother.

Brandi may have been a motivation for Garrett, but she attributes her inspiration to her older brother, a Navy Seal who has played baseball, basketball, and football for years.

“He taught me about discipline and how doing better than my best will push me forward,” Brandi said. “Also, he stressed the importance of physical activity and always encouraged me to stay fit and healthy. “

The siblings are strongly supported by family and friends who root them on throughout everything.

“My parents are so grateful for everything I’ve accomplished and everything I strive for,” Garrett said. “They honestly couldn’t be prouder or happier for me and my sister. They encourage and support me to the max and I’m so thankful for that.”

The Neilans are set for success in the future. Brandi has a scholarship to Cal Poly Pomona and will be starting in the fall. Garrett is being looked at by various colleges including UCLA but will hopefully be attending Butler University in Indianapolis when he graduates next year.