Baseball loses to Lynwood: 2-3

Baseball loses to Lynwood: 2-3

Sliding to second base in an attempt to stay safe, Ryan Bird and his teammates play against Lynwood High on May 3. Although the team lost 2 to 3, they are prepared to go on with the rest of their season.

John Franco, Sports Editor

Baseball’s second game against Lynwood proved to be unsuccessful with a heartbreaking loss of 2-3 on Tuesday, May 3. Even though the Vikes beat the knights in a prior game earlier in the season with 5-0, they were not able to repeat that win.

With a strong lineup from the home team, included Yamel Delgado as catcher and David Espindola on the pitching mound, the team was ready to take an aggressive approach early into the game.

At the bottom of the first, Lynwood’s first batter had a sacrifice bunt into middle, field granting the knights two bases and allowing them to make a run home.

“They were set-up and I felt as if they were very confident throughout the entire game,” Center Fielder Josh Guerra said.

By the top of the first, the Viking’s pitcher kept a good stance and had no runs for the opposing team.

At the bottom of the second inning, Viking batter Joel Sabajan hit a pop fly into center field but the opposition seemed to have trouble calling who would catch it and no catch was made, allowing the boys a chance to gain ground onto second base.

“That was very lucky for us because if he had caught that ball it would’ve been three outs,” Left-fielder Franz Jacinto said.

By the third inning, Lynwood’s pitcher seemed to have been “babysitting” the Vikes at the plates as he used every attempt to get them out by passing the ball to players at the base instead of pitching.

“That’s kind of annoying, seeing that happen,” Pitcher Jared Gibson said, “It gets really irritating.”

By the fourth inning, the Lynwood Knights had gained a total of 3 runs; leaving the final score at 2-3. The boys then played Lynwood on May 6, and beat the opposition 9-3.