Softball prevails against Sonora

Softball prevails against Sonora

The softball Vikes won 10-0 against Sonora High on March 31. After precise calculations, Staci Rodriguez, 12, stroked the ball out of the field and headed for first base.

After a hard fought game on March 31, the girls varsity softball team achieved a dominating victory of 10-0 against the Sonora Raiders. Being the second pre-season game of the year, the girls walked to the field with high hopes and an urge to win.

The unbeatable Viking team kept up a strong defense during the first inning, though it seemed like Sonora would have the upper hand in the game. Yet once this period was over, the points seemed to simply add on during the remainder of the match.

“As I was running home, I was thinking that I was going to be safe because of the calm vibe that our Coach gave me,” first baseman Andrea Arellano said, “and I was relieved that we scored our first run.”

During the second inning, third baseman Anissa Urtez and first baseman Andrea Arellano made impressive runs with the help of their former players. Apart from the well coordinated performance shown on the field by the Vikes, exceptional steals were made by players such as Stacy and Rachel Rodriguez. Swing by swing, the girls made it possible for their teammates to add points to the scoreboard.

“We got off to a slow start, but knowing our team’s abilities, I knew we were going to come back strong,” Rodriguez said.

Once the fourth quarter came around, the girls’ determination level rose to its supreme height. A grand total of five runs were made, giving Downey a nine point lead against Sonora. With the bases loaded, the stage was set for Urtez as she hit a homerun when it was greatly needed.

Having been injured, pitcher Daphne Gaspar was yet another addition to the overall success of the game. Though signs of some struggle were present, Gaspar did an exceptional job in making sure no one scored.

“We never let up or took it easy once we got a lead and kept focused throughout the entire game,” short stop Katie Medina said. “It was also our pitcher’s first game since she was injured and she did very well not allowing them to score.”

After having done so well against Sonora, the girls are looking forward to playing league with their overall of 7-2-1.