Varsity Volleyball falls short


With the ball on the opposite side of the net, Eugene Laport and Matthew Lostetter team up to block the shot on March 10. The game against Valley Christian was the team’s first home game of the season.

Julia Ruiz, Sports Editor

The boys varsity volleyball team faced the dominant Valley Christian and lost with a score of 3-0 on March 10. As the teams warmed-up on the courts, the Vikings seemed prepared for a fight as they practiced their passes and spikes while the Crusaders quietly practiced on their courtside.

As the first game of the match began, the Vikes kept their team strong with a one-point lead against the Crusaders. Strong communication was kept between the players and they had a larger number of serves and held onto the lead. In the last few minutes of the first game, Valley Christian stepped up their game as they began leading the scoreboard. The Vikes slowly lost their spark and fell behind losing the game 25-20.

“The first game was a tough lost, but I thought the boys would pull back up,” junior Yanel Arciga said.

Winning the previous game, the Crusaders entered the second round stronger than the first. Quickly, the Vikings fell behind on the scoreboard leaving an average gap of at least seven points. The boys, feeling like the underdogs, let their defense down as Valley Christian took advantage of it and fought on.

“Volleyball’s a game of communication, and we just stopped talking at the end,” outside hitter Garret Neilan said. “ People just gave up.”

With poor communication, the boys lost the game with a score of 25-14.

The third set began and the Vikings stepped up their game by having a one-point gap between them and their opponent. As the game proceeded, they slowly started falling behind. Their communication, once again, was down and despite desperate attempts to remain in the game, it was not enough and the game ended 25-16 and a Valley Christian win.

“We needed to keep spirits up,” middle hitter Matt Lostetter said. “The game gets long and people get discouraged. We needed more positive energy.”

With a tough lost, the Vikes continue to practice and progress for the upcoming league. With an overall record of 2-3, the boys have a long way to go; but with high spirits and dedication, they have a strong chance making it to CIF once again. Their league begins with a home game against Gahr on Mar. 29.