Baseball loses key double-header


Sliding into third base, Ryan Bird, 12, makes it safely without getting out during the home game against Long Beach Poly. Although the varsity Vikes gave a tough fight, they lost 2-3.

John Franco, Sports Editor

As the 2011 baseball season is in the process of beginning, the boys played their first pre-season match against Long Beach Poly and unfortunately lost a double header 3-5, 3-5.

The baseball team has huge goals this season but has had a hard time due to several factors including new bats, different training techniques, and a loss of key players.

“I feel that this season will be a little harder for us due to the changes that had been seen this year,” Center fielder Franz Jacinto said.

Regardless of all these changes, the boys played their first preseason match but were unsuccessful. Long Beach Poly only granted the team 2 runs throughout the entire game. Long Beach proved to be the teams first hand view of the expected season.

“This team showed us what will happen in the San Gabriel Valley League in the upcoming 2011 season,” Left Fielder Josh Guerra said.

During the first inning the field was set-up with key players. With Guerra in centerfield, Steve Pascual on Leftfield, and Jared Gibson as pitcher, the coaches were ready to be competitive and hopefully come out strong. The boys got their first run taking them to 1 and 0.

The second inning was not key but was definitely part of the game as no runs but strikes by the Viking baseball team were made.

At the third inning lead player Josh Guerra hit a ball into left field but did not score with the opposition catching the ball closing the inning at 1-2. Long Beach Poly had a double header when their star player hit a home run granting the players filling up bases on the field to take 2 runs home.

“I felt this as a learning process and I know exactly what to do and expect from the next game,” 3rd baseman Jonathan Grana said.

Ultimately, the Jordan boys caught up taking home two runs and having the vikes trail behind , 3-3.

The preceding 3 innings were well fought out with the Viking baseball team continuously trying to score, but the Jordan’s managed to hold the Vikings to a final score of 3-5.