A homerun victory for softball

A homerun victory for softball

As the pitcher throws the ball, senior Katie Medina steals third base and is called safe on March 10 at the game vs. St. Joseph High School. previosuly in the game, senior Andrea Arellano and sophomore Anissa Urtez had back to back homeruns, which resulted in a final score of 11-1 on the first game; the second game was called off due to the darkness, but ended up with a final score of 3-3.

Brandon Pineda, News Editor

In a slaughtering outcome, the varsity softball team swung their way to victory against St. Josephs on March 10. The Lady Vikings defeated them with an extremely close score of 9-8. The match against them was the first time they had played on home ground this season. The Vikings had a grand total of four homeruns and five runs. Captain Staci Rodriguez attaches team dynamic to victory.

“I think the fact my team is so focused and passionate lead us to the win,” Rodriguez said. “We practice rough, therefore, we play rough. The close game was entirely rough.”

St. Joseph’s team struggled to keep up with the Vikings. The opposing pitcher was unable to keep her throws within the catcher’s range. Thus, the Vikes were able to manipulate and swing at the right time and location. This tactic was highly effective. The team scored four homeruns and five runs—one resulting from a bunt. When any of the girls would go up to bat, words of passion and support escape the ditch. One of the encouraging females is Janette Rico.

“I try to encourage my girls as much as possible,” Rico said. “Not only does it give them the confidence they need, it gives them the edge to do better. The team is absolutely encouraging.”

This effective strategy resulted in nine points added to the scoreboard with nine RBIs and five pinch hits. Josephs came in close with three homeruns and five hit-runs. Capitan Katie Medina is filled with pride when discussing her teammates achievements.

“One of the reasons why I score is from the support of my girls,” Medina said, “Josephs was a tough team to beat. Their pitcher was adequate. I was able to hit all the pitches she threw at me but their hitters were our biggest threat.”

Medina’s batting average is a 100 percent. She brought a homerun to the Downey tally. Though Joseph’s main strength was their offensive, the Downey varsity softball team managed to overcome and win.