Winter Sports Season’s MVP

This year’s Winter sports saw many talented players, but a few stood out among the rest. Sports player’s Dami Adefeso, Rayana Villalpando, Brandi Neilan, Mike Samayoa, Robert Chism, and Meghan Nevarez stood out all season.
Girls’ basketball player Rayana Villalpando shined by practicing her hardest and leaving her heart on the court. She said that her coaches pushed her further, helping her meet her basketball goals.
“I wake up with my sneakers on my feet and a basketball in my hands,” Villalpando said.
Boys basketball captain Dami Adefeso led his team to CIF for the first time in 32 years. He averaged 16.5 points and 12 rebounds per game, however, Adefeso credited his success to his team.
“My teammates wanted to win so it made leading them easy,” 
 Adefeso said. “I take every game and every practice seriously.”
The captain went on to say that he’s extremely motivated to succeed and is determined to give 110% no matter what. He went hard for his team and tries to play his role to the fullest.
Another captain, boys’ soccer Mike Samayoa shone by scoring seven goals in eleven games and scoring the only goal in the last three years of CIF. He was a varsity captain for four years and many players looked up to him as an inspiration.
“I love playing soccer with my brother; that’s my favorite part, ” Samayoa said. “He made a big impact this season and I loved having him around.”
On the girls’ side of soccer, Brandi Neilan, a three and a half year veteran of the varsity girl’s soccer team, rose to the occasion scoring 17 goals in total including league and pre-season games.
“I’ve worked my hardest to get where I’m at,” Neilan said. “I’ve been playing soccer since I was four and I love it.”
This star is not stopping in high school; She was recently accepted to Cal Poly Pomona where she will continue to play soccer.
Also wanting to continue a sports career in college, junior Robert Chism continued to excel during the wrestling season. Chism stood out at CIFs winning his third consecutive ring. He has a record of 44 – 4 and ranked 2nd in Masters heavyweight division.
“I train hard, and I have four of the best coaches pushing me further and further,”
Chism said.
He plans to wrestle and play football next year while deciding which sport he plans to pursue in college.
Another underclassman that surpassed expectations, sophomore Meghan Nevarez grew up playing water polo for a club team that competed against an age group higher than normal. It gave her a lot of experience and allowed her to travel. She now plays for varsity water polo, averaging five goals a game and helping her team play in CIF.
“I love when games go into double and triple time. It’s fun,” Nevarez said. “I literally live for water polo.”
 Nevarez plans to continue playing water polo in the coming years.
These exceptional players have proven themselves in the winter season excelling at what they do best.