Varsity football hoping to eat some bear meat


Although the Downey vs. Warren game isn’t here yet, the Vikes get into preparation by bringing a huge bear that represents the Warren bears. The rivals play on Nov. 11 at Allen Layne stadium.

Now standing at 1-1 in league, the Vikes are ready to take the lead at the Nov.11 game versus the Bears at the Allen Layne Stadium. The football team has high expectations and hopes to end their season record at four to one in the San Gabriel Valley League.

The boys have been training countless hours, but many express that they don’t mind training in hopes of gaining a victory over the Warren Bears.

“It’s worth it once we get that win,” defensive back Perry Gomez said. “I just want this year to end in a victory over the Bears.”

The team not only has first period practices but also has after school practices. They drill, run, and push themselves in order to become better at the game and exhibit an understanding of the art of football.

“I think they are very well motivated,” senior Alex Mochizuki said. “They look like they are ready to win at the Warren game.”

The hours are relentless but are expected to pay off as stated by the boys. They are ready for the big day on November 11.

The team is expected to host the Bears at home and continue the tradition of cross town rivalry.

With a goal of beating the Bears and ending their league season with a victory the varsity football team is ready to leave a mark on the 2010-2011 season.

“It’s been hard especially since we had those recent loses,” Defensive back Edgar Ramirez said.

The varsity football team lost against Paramount and at home versus Dominguez and now they have the ultimate goal of beating Warren.

For the boys continue their relentless training, and fight for a win as they will take on the Warren Bears for their final San Gabriel Valley League match on November 11.