Girls golf vs. Warren


Losing to their cross-town rivals 262-251 at Rio Hondo Golf Course Oct 12, girl’s varsity golf was unable to clinch first place to lead their league. Watching one of his players putting, Coach Jason Bean focused on his team and hoped they could pull a win.

Thomas Beltran, A&E Editor

Not able to overcome the oppression of their rivals, the lady Vikes were shut down by Warren,Tuesday October 12 at Rio Hondo Golf Course. The big three: Jenna Redd, Ashley Reyes, and captain Nicole Kim all came to play a match that should have set the Vikes apart from the rest of the teams in their league. Warren lead the league, the lady Vikes set out to be on top.

“We practice a lot, we practice four times a week for two to four hours,” junior Stephanie Mendez said, “when we play, we play seriously. “

With such an important match, the Vikes knew they had to prevail. If it wasn’t nerve racking enough, the team had to figure out a way to coach themselves and keep their focus on their individual goals as coaches aren’t allowed to coach on the course.

“I’m telling the girls to focus on their own scores and goals and hits possible,” coach Jason Bean explains. “If everybody gets their own score and everybody meets their individual goals, we’ll win.”

Aside from these goals, the girls had something else to worry about: defeating the bears, a team that seems impossible to beat this season. Whether it was stress or the ladies were just not on their A-game, the Vikes could not shut down a much-needed win in order to clinch first place in league.

“Overall, we did pretty good this season. All of us have come a long way from when we started,” said senior Jenna Redd. “The first time most of us even picked up a golf club was two years ago. Now we are here, at second place in league and a league title from the previous year. That’s pretty remarkable. I can’t wait to see how our golf team improves next year.”

The loss was devastating, our Vikes still played beyond satisfactory, such as team members Nathalin Alba scoring a 52 and Jenna Redd resting her clubs with an excellent 49. Even though they were not able to place first, they still hold second place in league and plan on redeeming themselves next year to reach their goal of qualifying for CIF.