Taking control of the game

John Franco

As the school day came to an end the Varsity Boys Water polo team prepared for a challenging match against the Santa Fe Chiefs on September 23 where they were victorious as they beat the opposition with a score of 15-7.

The Vikes carried on the first part with a strong lead by taking the chiefs two goals to one in the first four minutes.

“I felt we had a good game,” varsity team captain Derek Klotzer said. “There were some mistakes but we got through.”

As time progressed the Vikes kept their defense up and cheered each other on as they scored against Santa Fe taking them to a 3-1 lead. While they carried the ball across the pool the goalie kept his determination.

“I felt my teammates were playing well,” Danny Montoro said, “I saw them passing the ball and keeping themselves organized.”

With several dry passes, the boys played the best they can. With constant moving and defense building up, the boys kept their stance.

From the cheers to the scream the crowd was proud of the Vikes and showed them spirit to help motivate them to continue their hard work.

“I’m pretty sure we can get to CIF, we just need to work hard.” Varsity Team Co-Captain Derek Dodson Said.

The Vikes are now standing four to one in league. As they prepare for next month the boys hope to continue their success, one game at a time.