Preparing for the best

Rosa Ramirez

Downey’s girls were victorious, as Warren girls’ lost the competition on April 21 at the Downey City Pool for the Varsity swim meet. These rivals not only played but they played for their title name as champions of the year as both of these boys and girls varsity players were playing, they were both on the lead. They swam, worked hard, and tried their best in winning the game.

“The competition verses Warren, was one of the best games of the year,” sophomore Faith Hundtoft said, “we put so much effort.”

Swim girls and boys are preparing for what is coming; they practice everyday with energy and determination, as said by many players. Over the spring break the swim girls and boys came during their time to practice in the water.

“We came during our Spring Break and our coach would make us workout and swim a lot”, said Dominique Diaz.

Not only are they working there hardest but the swim girls and boys are trying to keep their name as “champions” of the year.
Three guys in the varsity swim team are leading the team who are the fastest swimmers.

“Derek Klotzer, Serro Park, and Derek Dodson are the ones who are fast swimmers and are leading the team” quoted Colin O’Conner.

These three swimmers are the ones who workout and practice hard everyday for their big competition coming up this April 29.