Cirque du Soleil Death

Valeria Ostorga, Writer

During a performance of the show Volta by the Cirque du Soleil company, aerialist Yann Arnaud tragically plummeted onto the stage during the straps number on Saturday, March 17. A video clip of Arnaud’s fall has surfaced leading many viewers to be shocked at how surreal the accident was, and how eye opening it is. Surging through social media, people have began to question if “our entertainment is truly worth a life”.  


After hearing about the death of Arnaud, Jasmine Jimenez, 12, tells of her initial reaction.


“At first I thought it was a lie. I thought it was a lie because you know never really hear about a professional dying due to their profession – does that make sense?” Jimenez said. “It’s just really surprising, I guess this is just something that we forget – we forget that the jobs of these people are  probably one of the most dangerous, but we just forget that.”


Viewers on social media have had the same response as Jimenez – most shocked at the fact that something like that can occur. In some way, Arnaud’s death serves as a reminder to appreciate the risk that the performers put themselves at in order to fully execute their acts for the audience.


In shock after viewing Arnaud’s fall on twitter, Brianna Leon, 9, sympathizes for the family of Arnaud and the traumatized audience members.


“I find this to be extremely tragic, I know that the performer was excited to do his act, and then knowing what happens to him makes it even more tragic,” Leon said. “I can’t imagine his family hearing the news and his team mates wondering of how they could have helped him.”


Prior to his death, Arnaud had posted a photo on Instagram in which he had expressed his excitement for the act that he would perform that night. Therefore, his death came unexpectedly to the audience and his loved ones. Here, Leon expresses concern for those close to him.


On the other hand Gwen Rodriguez, 10,  states her opinion on how more safety precautions should be taken by the company.


“They put that amazing show for us, the audience, and yet that it is not worth the life of the performer” Rodriguez said. “Yes the most amazing part of the show is that they are able to do all of the tricks without many safety nets but safety nets is what they need.”


Here, Rodriguez suggests steps that should be taken by the company. Through her perception that is shared by others on social media, it has been suggested that the company should utilise more safety tools during the performance regardless of the entertainment level.


The tragic death of Yann Arnaud has led some to question the importance of entertainment. Additionally, some have suggested ideas to lead a more safe show. Especially, audience members and concerned social media have given condolences to those closest  to Arnaud.